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One thing I really missed when getting started with Kanban was an article containing the accumulated wisdom of the Internet on this topic :). So I had to browse continuously through all of the available blog posts and separate the good from the bad which was a long and not so really enjoyable task.

Time passed and I forgot about this until couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was asking me about good resources on getting started with Kanban and setting up your first Kanban board. Realizing that this is a pain from which not only I have suffered or going to suffer, I decided to gather into one place some resources on how to get your Kanban experience jumping. So beware my “5 great post on getting started with Kanban”.

I hope you enjoy them!

1. What is Kanban? by Julia Wester

I’m starting the list with Julia Wester’s blog post on “What is Kanban?”. I know, I know that I said that this blog post was about getting started, so actually just bear with me. In this post Julia gives the core principles and properties of the Kanban method along with some useful tips to get your journey started. If I had five minutes and wanted to get a good overview about Kanban this would be my place to go.

2. Agile Techniques: Getting Started With Kanban by Eric Landes

Eric’s post on getting started is a comprehensive and well written piece. I really enjoy the structure of the post and the additional advices he gives to the reader. In it you can find some basic principles like – determining you value stream and some great advices like setting up daily stand-ups and stakeholder planning meetings.

3. How To Get Started With Kanban In Software Development by Derick Bailey

Derick is an experienced software professional, blogger, speaker, technology leader and host of his own podcast… wow I got overwhelmed by just writing all of his roles. Bottom line, Derick is a great guy with sense of humour and knowledge in the field of Lean, so I doubt we could ask for more. His article is a good piece introducing you to some basic and not so basic principles. The post is packed with useful links for those who want to get into the details.

4. Five Step Illustrated Guide to Setup a Kanban System in an Enterprise Organization by Alexis Hui

Alexis can transform every process into a Kanban board. In his post he follows the framework that David Anderson (the founder of Kanban for software development) introduces in his book “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”.  This is a 5 step example on how to start with what you currently have and transform it into Kanban flow.

5. Kanban kick-start by Tomas Björkholm

I’m saving my favourite for desert. This is a 6 page PDF for (as the author states) “everyone  who asks the questions, how do we get started with Kanban?”. It is a must read if you are serious about Kanban.

Bonus post: Myths of Kanban

Here you can find some famous myths about Kanban. It is always a good idea to get your expectations right before jumping into a new adventure. This is the place to get your head cooled after these 5 hot posts on getting started with Kanban.

I hope that you find these articles useful and if you do so, please don’t be shy and give us some love into the comments section below.

 Happy kanbanizing!

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