Whether you’re at home or at work, with family, friends or colleagues, your levels of communication directly define your success and your happiness. In short, it’s a vital part of life. Without good, proper communication, it’s impossible to have relationships, and it’s impossible to progress.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why businesses both large and small are trying to improve the level of communication in the workplace. Today, we’ll explore eight techniques that will allow you to do just that.

Care for Your Employees

Getting to know your employees is a vital step for improving communication in your office. This needs to relate to both work and out-of-work environments. For example, in a professional sense, hold one-on-one meetings with your employees so you can maintain open feedback loops and easily air out any workplace issues.

communications technique

It’s also important to remember that employees want to have a voice of their own. Give them the opportunity to speak with you in a comfortable environment.

Analyze Your Communication Methods

Take a look at what communication tools you already use. You might use phones, email, letters, and face-to-face conversations. However, it is vital to make sure that you are implementing the best methods for the jobs you’re trying to complete and there are no better alternatives. Technology has come a long way in the last few years.

Why not try taking a look at programs such as Skype (video conferencing), Slack (an instant messaging software) and other tools that can encourage team collaboration?

Add a Social Site

Many workplaces are now opting to have their own private workplace social media platforms. This could be something simple like a workplace Facebook page or Google+ group where people can converse about work or otherwise.

There’s also a tonne of social intranet software platforms available if you’re looking for something a little more dedicated.

Leave the Office


If you spent all day every day stuck in an office, sat in front of a computer screen, you’re going to start feeling very negative, very quickly. The same can be said for your employees. Sometimes, all you need is a little break outside the office to get everybody feeling positive and back on track.

Cathy Peters, the project manager for Assignment Help, continues:

Seeing the same four walls day-in-day-out can take a huge toll on someone’s mental abilities and motivation to achieve. Even little things in the office, such as opening a window, creating a dedicated and inviting break room and sitting with your employees during lunch can make a huge difference.”

Use Tools to Improve Communication

One of the best ways to improve workplace-communication is by using tools to streamline processes. Here’s a list of some of the most helpful.

  • Flowdock – A leading instant messaging/collaborative workspace platform for helping you to build effective teams.
  • Uber Conference – One of the leading video conferencing platforms with a tonne of features to make things easy.
  • Mikogo – This handy lightweight screen-sharing app is perfect for collaborating, meetings and streamlining work processes.
  • Via Writing – A free online blog that can refresh your knowledge on how to use grammar properly.
  • Word Count – A free online tool that allows you to track your word count in real-time.
  • Calendly – This tool makes it easy to schedule meetings with co-workers and employees without having to worry about endless emails.

Adopt an Open-Door Policy

open-door policy

This is a policy that breaks down the mental barriers that stop an employee from coming to talk to the boss. Many employees will feel incredibly uneasy when approached or approaching a boss, therefore damaging the level of communication.

By opting for an open-door policy, and showing respect for people, you can encourage your employees to come and talk to you if they need anything.

Create a Company Culture

One of the most important things that employees are looking out for in business these days is the ‘company culture’. For example, a mass-production factory has a very strict, clock-in-clock-out routine where the employees and the managers are kept separate.

On the other hand, a company like Google that manages remote employees has a very relaxed and positive environment that helps to encourage and nurture communication and increases productivity.

Create an Internal Newsletter

One of the more increasingly popular methods to bring employees together is by creating a newsletter. Depending on how much ‘goes on’ in your workplace, this could weekly, monthly, fortnightly, or even quarterly, it’s up to you.

However, this is a great way to keep all your employees on the same page and up to date with everything that’s going on.

Mary Walton is an editor at Boomessays, where she helps students improve writing skills. Mary has a blog where she writes about college life at SimpleGrad.

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