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If you have Administrator access in your account, you have the ability to set various email integrations for your project boards. Go to your Administration Panel and locate the tab Email Integration.


Add a Kanbanize Email Address

A Kanbanize email is generated by us and unique to your account. It is in the format <customidentifier> You can choose to add a Kanbanize email address with a custom identifier as a receiver in order to skip setting up forwarding separately.


1. Click Add new receiver.

2. Choose option Kanbanize email.

3. Add a custom identifier in the Add identifier field to make the email distinguishable (ex. Adding a unique identifier allows you to add more than one Kanbanize email to your registered emails in email integration.

4. Create a password for the new account.

5. Indicate your time zone from the drop down menu.

6. Agree to the registration clause. *Registering a Kanbanize email address means that you are also registering a new user in the User Management subject to the Kanbanize subscription model as such. This user will count towards the total number of users charged to the account.

7. Add the account.

8. Add a default board of your choice. This allows you to define the exact location of where cards created from the messages received by this email will appear in Kanbanize.

9. Add default role of the new email. This tells Kanbanize what permissions this new email will have in the account as a user. *Hint: The email must be able to make cards on its default board.

Two things to be aware of when setting this up:

* Registering a Kanbanize email address means that you don’t need to set up email forwarding for the email integration to work.

Add a Registered Email Address

You can choose to add a registered email address (eg. personal account, company account) as a receiver in the email integration and then set up forwarding through your separate email client.


1. Click Add new receiver.

2. Choose option Registered email.

3. Select the address of your existing email account from the dropdown selection (ex.

4. The email address must first be invited and confirmed in User Management to appear in the dropdown selection. For instructions how to add users in User Management, click here.

5. Add the account.

6. Add a default board of your choice.

7. Add default role of the email. This tells Kanbanize what sort of permissions this email will have in the account as a user. *The email must be able to make cards on its default board.

8. Set up forwarding to <companyname> with your email client. Email forwarding allows you to direct incoming messages from one email address to another email address. Read about how email forwarding works for Outlook, Microsoft 365. *If you want to set up forwarding with Gmail account, please contact and they will provide the necessary Google generated confirmation code.*

When setting this up, be aware that:

* Registering a Registered email address means that you must set up e-mail forwarding from the registered email to Kanbanize for email integration to work. 


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