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I risk to repeat myself by mentioning it often in my articles, but – Kanban relies on visualization. And it relies heavily on it. On a side note, when we talk about visualization, UI and UX pop up and everybody expects as few clicks as possible to achieve anything in a software tool.

A core, must have feature of each electronic Kanban board is to drag (using the mouse or touch) a card and drop it wherever you decide. Below you’ll find quite helpful tips and tricks about “guiding the cards traffic” in Kanbanize.

1. Multi-Selecting Cards

You can do it (as of Kanbanize version 3.8 on) by CTRL + left click a card at a time.

Another option is to achieve it in a bulk matter by right clicking on a column and choosing to select a cell (i.e. the area surrounded by a column and swimlane), the entire column (including all swimlanes) or swimlane (including all columns):


2. Moving Cards

Apart from the regular drag and drop, you can perform advanced navigation using the keyboard or virtual arrows.

2.1. Move cards between columns with the keyboard left and right arrow

CTRL + left click to select one or multiple cards.

Then move them horizontally between columns.


Note: if the selected cards are in different columns, they will be moved one column further left or right

2.2. Reorder a card within a column with keyboard arrows up and down

First you need to CTRL + left click to select a card.

Then each card can be vertically moved within a column so that it is below or above another card.


2.3. Use the context menu to move cards across boards and projects

You can basically perform the actions mentioned above using the context menu that appears when you right click on one or multiple cards. There is one difference though, you can:

2.3.1 Move cards between projects

Refer to the screenshot below:


Note that the available options for moving the cards across boards and project would vary depending on your permissions in the latter.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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4 thoughts on “Advanced Tips for Moving Cards in Kanbanize

  1. anonymous

    Sorry, I miss important information here: To maintain the social aspect of “live visualization” during a meeting at the board tools like touchscreens are required as mentioned above. At least in Windows 8 there is no way of using any + whatever keys, and no right mouse klicks as well on a touch-screen.

    So either make clear if there is very limited (or missing) support of live scenarios using touchscreens, or explain how touchsceen mode is implemented in the tool. From the text above I conclude no support of Click and Move gestures -> no go for most use cases.

    1. Monica Georgieff


      You may have already received some support about this but I will add that by clicking on the Move button in the menu of the individual card, you can move cards just through clicking. We have been using this with our touch screen as well! Hope this helps! If not, shoot me an e-mail at


      Monica | Kanbanize

    1. Alex Novkov

      Hi Benjamin,

      The combination command-left click should be working as we just tested it. Please contact our support team by clicking on the account settings menu in you Kanbanize account and selecting “Support”. They will look into your problem and do everything in their power to fix it.

      Kind Regards,


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