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There are two ways to  add users to a project or board.

1. Invite users to a board directly OR Invite through the User Management tab

The quick way to invite users is directly from the board you’re working on. Click invite users, enter the emails that you want to invite. The user will receive an email to confirm their registration and will be automatically added to the project and the board from which he/she was invited.




 Invite the new users from the User Management tab in the Administration Panel.



2. After they confirm their invitation, assign the new users  to projects and boards

When you have invited people to the account, you can assign them to certain projects and boards. To assign them to a project/board choose the location you’d like to give them access to in the first drop down in the Board Assignees tab and add them to the righthand list using the console.


3. In User Roles, you can create certain privilege parameters for roles within the board you have just assigned them to in order define the permissions of each user.

(ex. someone will be an administrator with ultimate permissions on one board and just a viewer on another board where he/she just oversees the process.)



Now that you’ve added your team and assigned them to their relevant boards. Ready, set, Kanbanize!

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