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Version 5.8 – What’s New this Month?

Precise breakdown of projects using runtime policies Product update 5.8 introduces a new, practical way to break down work precisely using runtime policies. Whenever you set up a policy that triggers the creation of new cards (including parent, child and relative cards), you can copy card parameters of interest from the trigger card to the newly created […]

Version 5.7 – What’s New this Month?

SAML Single Sign-On for ease and increased security in one Single Sign-On (SSO) is a technology that allows you to maintain a centralized Identity Provider server. Аll other tools communicate with it to authenticate and authorize users as they log in to certain platforms. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is the most wide-spread SSO standard in […]

Track Your Aging Work In Progress

Just as the name suggests, the purpose of the Aging Work in Progress chart is to visualize how your cards are progressing towards the done section of your Kanban board. It has two main uses – to show you how your current assignments are moving forward and to give you an idea of how you were […]

Meet the Cycle Time Scatterplot from Premium Analytics

An important part of the process of improving workflow efficiency is measuring and analyzing the results of your efforts. In order to give all of our users more data power and flexibility, we decided to partner with our friends at ActionableAgile™ to integrate their powerful analytics arsenal with the workflow mapped on Kanban boards in Kanbanize.   Their expertise […]

Version 5.6 – What’s New this Month?

1. Analytics in Kanbanize Just Got 10X Better Version 5.6 of Kanbanize brings a new, more powerful package of Analytics. The new additions to our analytics arsenal are the result of a collaboration with ActionableAgile. The latest selection of charts and graphs will allow you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the efficiency of […]

The Power of Premium Analytics in Kanbanize

The board analytics have been among the most valuable features of Kanbanize. Now, they have become even more powerful and provide you with a greater understanding of the processes that occur every day in your workflow. We believe that, only when you have all the relevant data at your disposal can you make optimal decisions […]