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Keen on innovation, exploration or simply trying new things. Would that be a technology, new methodology or just cool gadgets. Got almost 2 decades of experience working as Software Engineer, Team Lead, QA/Processes Manager and Managing Director in mid-size and large scale Software Companies: Prosyst, SAP, Software AG.

Web Forms to Kanbanize cards

Everyone knows that to get something easily adopted into your organization, you need to make it simple for the end user and yet powerful enough to solve your complex scenario behind. For handling your few internal requests to the IT team, vacations/training requests to HR, and so on, you need a light way approach for […]

Kanbanize – Google Drive Integration

To store your content on a virtual drive is now a commodity. Google Drive as one of the leaders out there. It allows you to access files anywhere through secure cloud storage and file backup for your documents, photos, videos, files and more.   We are so proud to announce that you could now so easily attach […]

Version 4.3 – What’s New?

Dashboards Efficiency and Visual Data representation go hand in hand. The Kanban method has the visual approach embedded in its core and also has the WIP limits to ensure efficiency. We believe that the only way to take decisions is through data and its proper analysis and that’s why the 4.3 release was dedicated on […]

Kanbanize for Brainwriting (635 Method)

Fellow colleagues from the marketing, sales teams, designers and to all out there who needs to be creative and generate ideas. How do you come up with those? During one of our follow-up consulting sessions with a client, I was able to have a sneak view over one strange looking project from the Marketing Team. […]

The Power of Kanban Search

Knowing how to find specific data from your complex processes and workflows is an important skill in today’s Agile age. This article will help you to search smarter, so you can find the information you need — even in the most challenging situations. TYPE AND SEARCH The most common scenario is the “keyword” search use-case. Located at the […]

Version 4.2 – What’s New?

New Powerful Search Running your business successfully requires spending time into data analytics or examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. The data is there stored as various tasks hanging on your Kanban boards. To extract the right information in the right format is where you need a powerful tool. This […]

Kanbanize your Meetings. Stop wasting time!

Recent surveys show, that one of the most inefficient areas in your organization is the regular meetings. Especially the ones on the Management Levels (CEOs, VPs, Senior Management). That time is the most expensive and valuable and adding the extra preparation effort of collecting KPIs and Metrics, deviate you even further from spending true time to […]

Kanbanize – Digital and Visual Revolution

Greetings to you all that are in a constant search for innovations. To achieve success through innovation does not only mean to create something new, unique, unseen and so on. Lately, we all witness more and more innovations through integrations, emerged in the right time to solve particular needs. You have a problem, then you […]