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The Workweek of a Kanban Product Manager

It was not until I started this article when I realized there was no such term “Kanban Product Manager” (at least Googling it didn’t show any respectable results). Cool, I have my own term in the Kanban world now 🙂 Not really sure either if there is a term called “Kanban product management”, but since there […]

The Economic Problem with Queues in Product Development

Reading Don Reinertsen’s book “The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development” was a truly enlightening experience, especially when it comes to understanding queues and the problems that queues cause in a regular product development process. Having almost five years of development behind Kanbanize, and many more before that, we came to […]

Version 4.6 – What’s New?

Hello Friends, We are excited to announce that the new version 4.6 was released this weekend. As always there’s a lot of great stuff and with this article we would like to update you with the details. 1. Recurring Cards Right after the mind-blowing recurring updates from version 4.5 we are releasing the possibility to create recurring […]

Recurring Kanban Cards in Kanbanize

We get closer and closer to the complete set of automation policies that we envision in Kanbanize and the recurring card creation is one of the key ones to cover. As with the recurring updates, let’s go through the logical topics to address: How can recurring cards help? Every team out there is involved in repetitive […]

Work in Progress [April 2015]

It’s now a tradition to share where the development of Kanbanize is going with each new release. The fact that we are getting quite a lot of feedback from all of you keeps us convinced that we are doing the right thing and we will keep doing it for the future as well. 1. Card is updated […]

Importing Kanban Cards in Kanbanize

This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version. Using the import tool is officially the fastest way to set up your Kanban board in just a few minutes. Nobody has the time to enter data manually, […]

Recurring Kanban Card Updates in Kanbanize

We bring simplicity and automation to your Kanban board with every new release and 4.5 is no exception. With the new addition to our runtime policies arsenal you can schedule updates and transitions in any of your boards. The logical questions to answer first is: How can recurring updates help? When you have a lot […]

Webhooks in Kanbanize

If you have ever wanted to integrate Kanbanize with another system on the internet you should be celebrating this new feature with us. It is now simple and easy to do with the web service caller, which has been implemented as part of the runtime policies module. New: As of release 4.19, there is a new […]

Version 4.5 – What’s New?

Hello Friends, We are glad to present the new release that we have deployed last week. As usual it is full of new cool things, so make sure to check the details below. New Drag and Drop With 4.5 the entire drag and drop functionality has been re-written from scratch to optimize the performance of […]