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Kanban Dancing - Why Do We Need Takt TIme in Kanban and Lean

Kanban Dancing: Why Do We Need Takt Time in Kanban and Lean?

Can you imagine music without rhythm? Would you like it? Would you watch people dancing if they were randomly jumping and throwing limbs in all directions without any reasonable order? I guess not. Is it good if your heart skips a beat (if you are seeing your crush it is okay)? Does earth always take the same time to orbit the sun? The goal of these ridiculous questions is to make a point: everything in our universe has its rhythm.

The 5 Principles of a Kanban Samurai

The 5 Principles of a Kanban Samurai

I first heard about the five lean principles from Mr. Ashley Johnson, a co-founder of Gemba Systems LLC, which is a boutique professional services firm. Whatever I say about Ashley would be just too weak to express my admiration for this guy, because he is a rare combination of passion, skill, and devotion. I strongly recommend him […]

5 Signs Your Business Needs Kanban

5 Signs Your Business Needs Kanban

I’m not a big fan of those countdown articles, but my quest to find synthesized information about the problems that Kanban can solve was a failure and therefore I’ve decided to release my own Top 5 List that should help you identify the challenges in your organization which a Kanban system would be able to tackle. Alright, let’s do […]

Who Betrayed SCRUM

Who Betrayed SCRUM?

SCRUM is awesome. We love it for its clarity and the invaluable help in the war against waterfall (not that waterfall is so bad, but this is a topic for another post). Scrum makes things somewhat easier – we don’t have to plan two years ahead, we don’t need to write specifications, we just code and get things done. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Yes, but it doesn’t work…

How to be more productive without losing your creativity

How To Be More Productive Without Losing Your Creativity?

Creativity and productivity are two irreplaceable elements for achieving success in business. Although they are two sides of the same coin, there’s a widespread misunderstanding saying that creativity kills productivity and vice versa. As a result, it is not a surprise that teams with more creative functions (e.g. marketing, design, etc.) are sometimes putting up […]