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Portfolio Kanban: a Tool for Strategic Agility

A definition of business agility concerns the organization’s ability to adapt, change quickly, and renew itself in a volatile market environment. It is about the capability to adjust strategy, sometimes radically, testing the results they go. It is about altering the organization, adapting or inventing new processes, and for some, the absorption of modern technology. […]

Product Portfolio Management Definition

What Is Product Portfolio Management? Frameworks and Examples

Product portfolio management is known as the practice of managing the organization’s entire product portfolio. Further, product portfolio management is the centralized management of methods, technologies, and processes used by product management organizations and product managers to analyze and manage products and their potential returns based on several key characteristics.  Product portfolio management’s role in […]

Product Roadmap Definition

What Is A Product Roadmap?

Product roadmaps are practical communication tools employed to bring executives, stakeholders, and employees on the same page regarding organizational strategies and objectives. A product roadmap summarizes a product’s vision, direction, and progress over time. Roadmaps detail the strategic reasoning – the why – that explains the goals and how to get there. Product roadmaps are […]

Backlog Refinement Definition

What Is Backlog Refinement?

Backlog Refinement is a part of the Scrum framework. It is an ongoing process where the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate and ensure that items on the Product Backlog are understood the same way by all members of the team, items have estimates, and they are ordered by priority in terms of business […]

Pareto Chart Definition

What Is A Pareto Chart?

Pareto Chart is a bar chart sorted in descending order from the highest frequency to the lowest frequency from left to right. The height of the bars reflects the frequency or the impact of the problems. The Pareto Chart assists the quality improvement team in focusing on areas of improvement with the greatest impact. A […]