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how to make kanban board

How to Make a Kanban Board in 6 Steps?

Today, 77% of Agilists use Kanban boards. I’ll say it again. Seventy-seven percent of those who conduct Agile projects use a Kanban board, according to the most authoritative study on Agile. This staggering percentage speaks for itself – followers of Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and any other Agile method or framework will vouch for the benefits […]

Agile challenges

Why Agile Doesn’t Work in Every Case & What Are the Top Agile Challenges?

It’s not a lie that here at Kanbanize, we are big fans of business agility. Every day, we read, write, research, and implement our new findings on Agile in our organization. We also give our best in our day-to-day work to practice what we preach. However, blindly preaching that a coin is one-sided, doesn’t wipe out the existence […]

Best Kanban Apps

What are the Best Kanban Apps?

A Kanban app is a software application that facilitates the use of Kanban boards. It helps manage and prioritize work items, software development, agile project management, and visualizing progress. Kanban apps can be used in any type of project and are especially useful when working with multiple projects simultaneously. The application’s primary function is to […]

Portfolio Kanban tool for strategic agility

Portfolio Kanban: a Tool for Strategic Agility

A definition of business agility concerns the organization’s ability to adapt, change quickly, and renew itself in a volatile market environment. It is about the capability to adjust strategy, sometimes radically, testing the results they go. It is about altering the organization, adapting or inventing new processes, and for some, the absorption of modern technology. […]

Product Portfolio Management Definition

What Is Product Portfolio Management? Frameworks and Examples

Product portfolio management is known as the practice of managing the organization’s entire product portfolio. Further, product portfolio management is the centralized management of methods, technologies, and processes used by product management organizations and product managers to analyze and manage products and their potential returns based on several key characteristics.  Product portfolio management’s role in […]