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continuous improvement tools

The Continuous Improvement Tools to Put Business Performance in the Spotlight!

Continuous improvement tools are a powerful resource in the Lean management and Lean manufacturing journey. Using the right continuous improvement tools can lead to improved productivity, reduced errors, and greater profitability. Many different continuous improvement methods and tools can help a business reach its Lean management goals. But how do you know which tools and […]

Agile challenges

Why Agile Doesn’t Work in Every Case & What Are the Top Agile Challenges?

It’s not a lie that here at Kanbanize, we are big fans of business agility. Every day, we read, write, research, and implement our new findings on Agile in our organization. We also give our best in our day-to-day work to practice what we preach. However, blindly preaching that a coin is one-sided, doesn’t wipe out the existence […]

benefits of Kanban

Benefits of Kanban: 7 Habit-Changing Lessons I’ve Learned by Being Exposed to Kanban Culture

“And what am I supposed to do with this?” I said, staring at my monitor. I was glaring at a digital board, with some columns, workflows, cards, and some pretty colorful lanes.  “How cool!” I thought. Little did I know how this digital board was about to completely transform my perception towards productivity, efficiency, and […]

Creating a Collaborative Culture

How to Create a Collaborative Culture?

Collaborative cultures empower employees by giving them the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions with others. This environment can also help bring out the best in an individual and enhance one’s skill set by encouraging them to learn from others.  It also helps create a sense of belonging and encourages team members to work […]

Product Roadmap Definition

What Is a Product Roadmap and Why Do You Need Them?

Product roadmaps are practical communication tools employed to bring executives, stakeholders, and employees on the same page regarding organizational strategies and objectives. A product roadmap summarizes a product’s vision, direction, and progress over time. Roadmaps detail the strategic reasoning – the why – that explains the goals and how to get there. Product roadmaps are […]

Backlog Refinement Definition

What Is Backlog Refinement?

Backlog Refinement is a part of the Scrum framework. It is an ongoing process where the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate and ensure that items on the Product Backlog are understood the same way by all members of the team, items have estimates, and they are ordered by priority in terms of business […]

what is innovation strategy

What Is an Innovation Strategy and How It Helps You Tap into New Opportunities?

Innovation strategy is an approach to pursuing new growth opportunities. It is a proactive approach involving the simultaneous development of new products, services, and technologies. The objective of innovation strategy is to generate new sources of growth, which are sustainable in the long run. It has three main components: product innovation, service innovation, and process […]