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Why Collaboration Is Important in the Workplace and How to Optimize It

It might seem like a no-brainer that encouraging collaborative project management among stakeholders and team members on essentially any undertaking is crucial to success. However, you would be surprised to find that much of the waste in businesses, large and small, derives from miscommunication and missed opportunities. The reason is that many teams don’t really know what does collaborative working […]

Lean Business and the Value of Flow

Decision Making through Explicit Mental Models In today’s information overloaded world, we all need to make numerous decisions in the course of our day. Speed of decision making is often a critical element. One shortcut we take, whether it happens deliberately or not, is the usage of Mental Models. (See P. Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline”). […]

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End to End Kanban for the Whole Organization

As a community, when we talk about applying agile practices, engineering is typically where we start. Engineering is often viewed as the bottleneck in the customer delivery flow and is a very expensive part of the overall process. It makes sense that we look to this part of our organizations to optimize efficiencies first. Unfortunately, […]

27 Ways to Use Kanban Boards to Improve Efficiency

Kanban boards help streamline the workflow of a project because you can see everything that’s going on with a single glance. The beauty of Kanban is that the concept can be scaled to meet the needs of the project or organization. Boards can be anything from extremely complex to simple. The ideal Kanban board for your team […]

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Kanban VS Scrum [Infographic]

How many times have you heard people arguing about which one is better – Kanban or Scrum? Probably a lot, especially if you are in the product development business. This argument is not new and you can hear it at pretty much every business summit that puts together people who are doing software development. If […]

A Main Dashboard Redesigned for the Future

This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version. How is the new Main Dashboard like your command center? For release 4.19, our team undertook a hefty overhaul of the previous design of the Main Dashboards and added […]