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Version 4.19 – What’s New this Month?

1. New Main Dashboards Redesigned for the Future The redesigned project dashboard in every Kanbanize account signals a new era of more opportunities for customization, relevant at-a-glance metrics for entire accounts and a sleek, intuitive design that suits your modern team. Additions include a targeted filter for boards and projects that can search for as many terms […]

NEW Link Makes Predecessor & Successor Relationships Between Cards

 What are predecessor & successor relationships between cards? Before we explain why this feature can come in handy when crafting specific relationships between the cards on your Kanban board, let’s define what we had in mind when we created the possibility of linking cards in the predecessor/successor hierarchy. This form of linking, unlike the familiar […]

Version 4.18 – What’s New this Month?

1. New links between cards create a predecessor/ successor relationship Linking our cards has become like second nature to Kanbanize users the world over! By creating relationships between our tasks, we essentially create a work breakdown that makes it easier to keep track of the hierarchy between the various tasks that need to be completed to […]

NEW Runtime Policy Triggers Action based on Predefined Card Count

How can the Card Count runtime policy improve your efficiency? After introducing the WIP limit runtime policies for reached and exceeded work in progress in our last release, it was only natural that our new features include yet another automation policy geared toward making the automation experience more flexible. WIP limit policies assume that the number […]

Version 4.17 – What’s New this Month?

1. Updates in Analytics allow users to exclude weekends, add advanced filters and get data by hovering over a visualization In the releases since the beginning of the year, we have focused on enhancing our Analytics module to make it as flexible, informative and user-friendly as possible.  In addition to introducing entirely new charts and […]

NEW in ANALYTICS: Flows Charts

How can the Flows Chart in Analytics make your team a lean, mean, Kanban machine? Enter the Flows Chart tab in Analytics. This feature is the star of release 4.16. The Flows are essentially an advanced version of the familiar Cumulative Flow, the inaugural member of our analytics module. It shows the fluctuations over time for a […]