A new chart has joined our arsenal of powerful analytics. This is the average cycle time per column or also called “Process control”. With this chart you can track how time that tasks spend in a particular column changes on average.



This chart can answer questions like:

  • How much time on average do we need to test the new features
  • How much time on average do we wait for customers to respond to my questions
  • How much time on average our tasks spend in progress
  • etc.

To use that chart do the following:

  1. Open the chart
  2. Choose the data range that you are interested in
  3. Choose which columns and swimlanes you want to include on the chart
  4. Choose whether you want the data to be aggregated per day, week, month or year

Then on the left side you will have the oldest entries and on the right you will have the newest entries. Please note that the chart only shows tasks that have exited a particular column. For example:

  • You have board A with columns “To do”, “Doing” and “Done”
  • You have two tasks T1 and T2
  • T1 is in To do
  • T2 is in Done

In such case the chart will only show task T2 for columns “To do” and “Doing”, because the task has exited these columns and therefore we know how much time the task spent there. SInce T1 is still in To do and has not exited any column yet, it will not be shown on the chart. If multiple tasks have exited a particular column during the same time frame, then their times are summed and divided by the number of tasks.

You have feedback? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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