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Notifications are essential for keeping track of activity that concerns your team and your work items in Kanbanize. However, constantly receiving a variety of updates to which you subscribe as e-mails in your inbox can be overwhelming. In this month’s release 5.1, we are introducing an addition to your account’s notification settings aimed at giving you the choice to receive your updates from Kanbanize at a time when you can give them the most attention.

Kanbanize will aggregate your email notifications automatically in batches and send them to your inbox at intervals based on your preference. You can set up the system to send you an email containing your notifications once every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours or once a day.

Set up the time interval for email notifications using the drop down in your notification settings located in the namesake tab of your account.

kanbanize notifications

Explore the Settings option to configure how often you want to receive email* updates and in what format.


*NOTE: Batch notifications are available only for your email notifications. In-app notifications will continue to arrive in real time. Mandatory real time email notifications will also extend to mentions, as this action may require immediate attention.

As an added enhancement to notifications, users will now be able to choose between the general long form and a convenient short format summary of card details included in their email notifications. Use the checkbox above the batch notification drop down to select the shortened email notification format and only receive the essentials.


This feature is going to be extremely handy for people who communicate through email on a daily basis and don’t want to see their inbox full of individual notifications when they open it at all times of the day. The arrival of Kanbanize notifications at a convenient time will ensure that you will be able to give them their due attention and dedicate just the right amount of time to monitoring them.

We are eager to hear your feedback about how batch notifications affect the way you work in Kanbanize on daily basis!

Happy Kanbanizing!

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