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The Board assignees (also know as your team members) are the key components of every Kanban success story. In order to make use of all the features that Kanbanize provides, your team members need to be assigned to your project boards.

Admins of the Kanbanize account can access the Administration panel, from which they can manage board assignees. 


Enter the Board Assignees tab and choose a project board to which you want to assign users. The list on the left will be populated with all users in the account who are not assigned to the board and the list on the right will be populated with those who are. Select users using the check mark fields beside each of their names. When your selection is complete, assign users to the board by clicking on the namesake button located in the middle of your screen.


The system will ask you to delegate a role to each member and give different levels of access to each user depending on the preset permissions. It is important to have in mind that the Project Manager role will give the selected user full access to every available feature in the project, not just the board to which they are assigned. Please note that if you have a Project Manager user, and you change their privilege with a regular user role for one of the boards, the same role will be assigned to the user for all other boards, which will effectively deprive them from their Project Manager privileges.

AU3 (2)

The privileges for existing board members can be modified by clicking on the edit icon (available on mouse over).

AU4 (1)

Unassigning users is just as simple. Select the users you want to remove and use the Unassign Users button in the center of your panel to move them back to the proper list. Project managers can also remove themselves from a board and reassign their accounts.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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