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How can calendars help your process?

Calendars are finally part of your Kanban board in Kanbanize! Monitor all your due dates and deadlines through the easy access Calendar in the grid menu. What’s more? You can filter which tasks, boards or cards with custom fields you would like to keep an eye on at a given moment.

How do calendars in Kanbanize work?

The new Calendar feature in Kanbanize is a simple yet essential addition to your Grid Menu. It shows you a bird’s eye view of the cards to which you have applied deadlines by adjustable attributes. Clicking on an individual date will reveal all the cards that are due on that day for each user in the overall project and which section they are located in on the board (ex. Backlog, In Progress…) The calendar has an extremely flexible view filter option that comes in handy for larger projects with many users working to meet a large array of deadlines. For easier navigation, you can apply filters to what you see come up on the calendar at a given time.

How to use the calendar filter?

To configure the card filter, go to the Grid Menu on the right-hand side of your board and select the calendar. Choose the calendar specific filter option above the chart:


Then you must choose to Apply a new filter.

apply filter

When you select Apply Filter, you will be presented with the configuration panel, which looks like this:


In addition to the Regular Fields which you can use to filter your Calendar view, you can also specify the custom fields you have already made across your boards. You can also add an additional filter from the Due Date Link to show the cards which expire by day, week, or month.


Make the best use of your Calendars, Kanbanizers, because this unifying feature is useful not only as an individual task tracking tool but also to track all upcoming or passed deadlines on the project level.

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9 thoughts on “Calendars Arrive to Kanbanize

  1. Darren Aitcheson

    A minor point on the calendar – even if you explicitly select one of the ‘Done’ columns in the filter selection, the calendar view never shows those tasks. It only ever shows tasks in Backlog, Queued or In Progress. There are occasions where some of us will want to be able to view ‘Completed’ tasks on the calendar.

    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi Darren,

      this is definitely an enhancement in the works! We’ve asked our team to prioritize it for the next update and you can expect it either in the July or August release.

      Cheers and thanks for the feedback,


  2. Carly

    Hi! I have a question. I want to set up the “Tags” filter in my calendar.

    How do you set up more than 1 tag to be tracked? I’m only able to enter 1 tag filter.


    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi Carly,
      At this point, you can only filter using one tag however, if you put the information you usually put in the tag field in a custom field then you can filter for more than one option.
      If you’d like me to show you personally, just shoot me an e-mail at or tweet at me @MonGeorgieff.



  3. Matthew

    Please can you enhance your date filtering (throughout Kanbanize) so that we can choose dates to filter by rather than just the 5 options available (today, this week, last week etc.)?

    1. Monica Georgieff Post author

      Hi there,

      thanks for getting in touch and keeping up to date on our blog!
      I will share your request with the product team and get some feedback from them but it’s certainly an idea that’s being discussed here.
      To be able to highlight, for example, three dates and get all the data from them. Is that sort of what you’re getting at?


      1. Matthew

        I mean extend the availability of the drop down provided against ‘Deadline is’ in the Board filter, i.e. enable selection of one of ‘Is’, ‘Is Not’, ‘Before’ etc. along with entry of date(s), so that this is available wherever you can currently only select ‘Today’, This Week’, ‘Last Week’, e.g. on the Calendar, and on the right-hand side of the Dashboard.

  4. Brad

    Is there a way to sync the calendar with due dates to an external calendar system like outlook or Google? This is a major benefit to other tools so that it can be easily seen in conjunction with other meetings and appointments.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,

    1. Alex Novkov

      Hi Brad,

      You can do that through our integration with Zapier. Here are step-by-step instructions:

      In Zapier:
      1. Make a Zap
      2. Chose app – Webhooks by Zapier
      3. Select Catch Hook
      4. Pick off a Child Key – leave this empty
      5. Zapier will provide you with a webhook link that can be used to post data to Zapier.

      In Kanbanize:
      1. Create a runtime policy Card is Updated (You can add more policies depending on your process. )
      2. Add a Web Service Invoke Action to the policy
      3. Paste the Zapier Webhook link in the url textbox
      4. “Send the parameters in the body of the web service call” must be checked.
      5. Save the policy
      6. Set a deadline to a card to trigger the policy

      Go back to Zapier
      1. Check that when the policy is triggered the webhook received data.
      2. Add Action – Google Calendar
      3. Select Create Detailed Event
      4. Connect to the desired Google Account
      5. Edit Template – Set the Summary to get the value from the Title parameter from the webhook
      6. Edit Template – Set the Description to get the value from the Description parameter from the webhook
      7. Edit Template – set the Start and End date fields to get the value from the Deadline parameter from the webhook
      8. Save the template and Finish

      Keep in mind that this step by step guidе only shows the scenario where on Kanbanize card updatе, a google calendar event is created.
      Use this for guidance and have in mind that you can set up different Zaps for the different scenarios.
      You can always change the Kanbanize runtime Policy trigger (card is created, updated, blocked, etc) or the Zapier Google Calendar Action(create an event, update event, delete event).



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