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We have been blessed with the most awesome and vocal users out there! Thanks to you guys, our software is getting better every day and is deservedly one of the best available on the market. With this series of blog posts we would like to share the answers to some of the most popular questions that people have asked over email.

Question: Can I assign multiple people to one Kanban card?

The answer here is both yes and no. Only one person can be assigned as the Kanban card as the official assignee but, in addition, you can add as many participants as you want via the contributor custom field. The contributor custom field, when made available in a given board, produces a dropdown of the internal users in the account that can contribute to a card.

There is a specific reason why we haven’t implemented the ability to add multiple assignees to a given Kanban card. Collective responsibility could easily turn into collective irresponsibility and that is why we have chosen to allow a single person to act as the owner of the item and then allow others to participate. See the image below, we have dkaraivanov as the project manager, nobody as the QA Owner and the assignee is a completely different person.

This image visualizes all the responsible stakeholders for a Kanban card

Each subtask you add to a card can also have a different assignee than the entire card it is attached to. All you need to do is to set the appropriate people as owners of the subtasks, after which they will see that reflected in their “My Queue” panels.

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