People often make different associations when talking about Kanban, but for sure there is a common pattern in the key words – keep the flow, pull work, spot bottlenecks. My favorite, however, is visualization. It can easily be combined with the other key aspects of Kanban – visualize the work flow, visualize when it is necessary to pull work, visualize the bottlenecks etc.

Kanban software, as based on Kanban best practices, embraces the idea of visualization at full scale. Below, I am going to show you not only how to change card colors (this is very easy to accomplish) but also how to automate the process of changing colours by making use of the Kanbanize card templates.

Usually, Kanban users need to have different colors for the different types of tasks i.e. cards (stories, features, themes, defects, risks, issues, client requests, support whatever). That’s easy and perhaps all of you already know how to do it. Just right click on a card and pick out a color of your choice (see below) or open the card to input a specific hex color code of your choice.

Card colors 1

As a part of setting up a smooth work process, it would be best if Kanban users could take advantage of auto changing the colour of their cards when the type of the card is defined. Using card templates, accessible via the Kanbanize project menu, solves that case (read more about card types and templates in the Kanbanize User Guides on Types & Templates).

First, you can create a card type that you will use with your cards in that project. In the example below, we have set up four icons for four types of cards (ex. bug, feature request, support request and visual).

card colors 2

Second, create a card template for each of your card types (this is a per project setting), name it and pick a colour that will be automatically coordinated with the specific type and template. Match the template to the type.

card colors 3

Whenever you create a new task or change an existing one, just choose the template you want and the magic is done. 

Stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks from our team or let us know what similar articles you’d like to to read!

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2 thoughts on “Card Color Auto Change in Kanbanize

  1. arr

    How do you apply a template to a large number of bugs after the fact (say they’ve been synced from an external source). By large, I mean 1000+ bugs, so applying the template individually isn’t really an option.


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