okr pitfalls

The “Swiss Cheese” Analogy with OKRs: Uncovering Gaps and Pitfalls

The OKR (Objective Key Results) method has gained popularity as an objectives management approach for both development and product goals. However, the “by the book” approach is often dogmatically applied, relying only on a few simple rules and hints from the OKR books. This “copy-and-paste mentality” does not deliver the expected results and often leads […]

three types of key results and how to implement them

Pragmatic OKRs: A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Key Results and Their Real-World Implementation

The OKR (Objective Key Results) method has been gaining increased popularity in the last years as an objectives management approach. The framework can be used both for development goals, i.e., changing the status quo in the company, as well as for product goals. Unfortunately, the OKR method is very often applied with the “by the […]

how to optimize goal-setting with okr cycle

OKR Cycle: How to Optimize Your Goal-Setting and Completion Process

In almost all businesses, management relies heavily on measurement. Whether they’re a marketing manager trying to improve conversions or a business development manager trying to increase revenue, managers need metrics to understand how they’re doing. Optimizing conversion rate is a common objective for many businesses, and incorporating it into your OKR cycle can help improve […]

legal change management and the keys to the evolutionary approach

Evolutionary Change Management in Legal Services

NOTE: This article is a “shorter” version of the same post by Lilian Mateu, which was originally published on LinkedIn on 18.09.2022. You can read the full version here. Special thanks to Lilian for agreeing to republish her original content on the Kanbanize blog! The pace of changes in the world is accelerating, and technology […]

The Soft Spot Between Personal and Process Efficiency

  ”Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting resources, efforts, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result… The highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.” – Jawaharlal Nehru, former Prime Minister of India The key to keeping pace and competitive advantage in an […]