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On the topic of the lean method, no waste in work and how to manage your process.

Running a Better Stand Up Meeting

Daily stand-up meetings are a common occurrence in some companies, especially those that are technology-based. Depending on what company you work for, and the person calling the meeting, these meetings might also be called daily stand ups, daily huddles or agile meetings. There are many benefits to calling a stand-up meeting rather than a traditional […]

What Is the Right Agile Methodology for Your Project?

In the world of business, leaders must maximize efficiency, eliminate waste, even out roadblocks, and keep productions flowing in accordance with demand. Once a business venture takes flight, however, a lot of different people get involved, each with their own knowledge, talent and methods for getting things accomplished. In order to ensure flow and consistency […]

5 Signs Your Business Needs Kanban

I’m not a big fan of those countdown articles, but my quest to find synthesized information about the problems that Kanban can solve was a failure and therefore I’ve decided to release my own Top 5 List that should help you identify the challenges in your organization which a Kanban system would be able to tackle. Alright, let’s do […]

Responsibility – The Engine of a Kanban Team

Let me start this article by sharing my absolute admiration for Christopher Avery and his work. If I should name one thing that changed my life completely I would’t hesitate for a second – undoubtedly it is the Responsibility Process. I would recommend that you hear Christopher himself explaining it, but if you are curious […]

Kanbanize your Meetings. Stop wasting time!

Recent surveys show, that one of the most inefficient areas in your organization is the regular meetings. Especially the ones on the Management Levels (CEOs, VPs, Senior Management). That time is the most expensive and valuable and adding the extra preparation effort of collecting KPIs and Metrics, deviate you even further from spending true time to […]

Kanban 101 – Tracking progress : Part 2

Continuing from part 1… In our previous article on how to track your progress with Kanban we examined the Cumulative Flow Diagram and the Cycle Time Chart. Now we’ll go on by guiding you through the rest of Kanbanize Analytics arsenal starting with the Distribution Pie Chart. Distribution Chart The distribution chart is fairly easy […]