okr pitfalls

The “Swiss Cheese” Analogy with OKRs: Uncovering Gaps and Pitfalls

The OKR (Objective Key Results) method has gained popularity as an objectives management approach for both development and product goals. However, the “by the book” approach is often dogmatically applied, relying only on a few simple rules and hints from the OKR books. This “copy-and-paste mentality” does not deliver the expected results and often leads […]

scrum with kanban featured image

Scrum with Kanban: Can Iterations & Flow Coexist?

Regardless of the Agile project management approach you follow, you’re most likely familiar with the debate over Scrum and Kanban. The argument goes way back to the rise of software development and the Agile movement. A debate that can be traced back to the end of the last century and continues to this day.  As […]

Kanbanize 10 cover image. Know your business at a glance!

Kanbanize 10: Know Your Business at a Glance! Focus On What Matters! 

At Kanbanize, we believe that the essence of agility lies in our ability to cut through the noise and focus our most valuable asset, TIME, on the things that truly matter! After all, that’s why we built our product in the first place: to help people do meaningful work and, by that, accelerate innovation.   But […]

three types of key results and how to implement them

Pragmatic OKRs: A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Key Results and Their Real-World Implementation

The OKR (Objective Key Results) method has been gaining increased popularity in the last years as an objectives management approach. The framework can be used both for development goals, i.e., changing the status quo in the company, as well as for product goals. Unfortunately, the OKR method is very often applied with the “by the […]

how to optimize goal-setting with okr cycle

OKR Cycle: How to Optimize Your Goal-Setting and Completion Process

In almost all businesses, management relies heavily on measurement. Whether they’re a marketing manager trying to improve conversions or a business development manager trying to increase revenue, managers need metrics to understand how they’re doing. Optimizing conversion rate is a common objective for many businesses, and incorporating it into your OKR cycle can help improve […]

process constraints vs bottlenecks

Not All Constraints Are Bottlenecks! Understanding Your System’s Limiting Factors

From delivery challenges to operational or cultural transformation, organizational roadblocks can be found everywhere. Knowing how you generate value is essential, but finding what’s preventing delivery is key to enabling lasting improvements and greater efficiency. In this line of thought, constraints, and bottlenecks are the main limiting factors of every process. Having said that, reading […]

why companies use Kanban

Top Reasons Why Companies Use Kanban in 2023 [Infographic Included]

Kanban started as a scheduling system developed by Taiichi Ohno that revolutionized the automotive industry and was the foundation of the Toyota Production System. The term Kanban nowadays refers to the Kanban method for knowledge work application, which gained traction at the beginning of the 21st century. The approach gained massive popularity across the software sector, […]


Stand-up Meeting: How To Secure Better Teamwork And Collaboration

Stand-up meetings have become a sacred ritual for teams using Agile in any form. They are fantastic for keeping a company aligned and focused in the same direction. Although implementing them is not difficult, making the most of these Agile daily standups with your colleagues requires practice and nonetheless, experimentation. Over the course of the […]

kanbanize contributes to a bavarian innovation award for schlenk

Supporting Innovation in the Chemical Industry: The Role of Kanbanize in Schlenk’s Success 

How do you measure success at your company?   Based on what you do, there might be a lot of different factors that define success for your company.   But I want to tell you one of the ways we measure success in Kanbanize. It’s simple: we celebrate success when our customers succeed through innovation.   At the […]