The power of a kanban board

The Power of the Virtual Kanban Board

Japan brought us sushi, anime, Nintendo, karaoke and a way of being more efficient in our work. The philosophy of Lean and the Kanban method with which it can be implemented is one of the most notable Japanese contributions to the manufacturing and, as of this decade, knowledge work. The physical Kanban whiteboard that was […]

How To Manage User Provisioning with SAML Integration

There is a newer version of this guide on our Knowledge Base. In version 5.7 of Kanbanize, we introduced SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On integration. This is a great way for companies to centralize user management. However, this raises a sensible question – what happens with user provisioning in Kanbanize when you integrate the platform with […]

How to set up a SAML Single-on with Okta

For more product guides on this topic, please, visit our Knowledge Base. So far we have covered the general steps needed to set up a SAML integration between Kanbanize and an Identity Provider (IdP). We also have a step-by-step tutorial for users of Azure AD and a guide for clients of OneLogin. The next paragraphs will […]

GitLab to Kanbanize Integration

This post is no longer getting updated, a current version has moved to this post on our Knowledge Base. Dear Kanbanizers, We have just released our GitLab integration. Below are some details about the integration itself. Abilities: 1. Track commits as comments in a corresponding Kanban card. (Only commit and push events are tracked.) 2. […]