Everything you need in order to navigate the topic of Kanban and how to apply it using Kanbanize software for work breakdown.

How To Manage User Provisioning with SAML Integration

In version 5.7 of Kanbanize, we introduced SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On integration. This is a great way for companies to centralize user management. However, this raises a sensible question – what happens with user provisioning in Kanbanize when you integrate the platform with your Identity Provider? SAML integration effectively outsources part of the user provisioning […]

Export Data from Kanbanize

Generally, projects in Kanbanize consist of numerous boards, and tens, hundreds and in some cases even thousands of cards. Assigned users could easily seek out the information they need with the help of the advanced search, however, for external stakeholders and outside systems, we have developed a couple of handy methods to filter and export […]

GitHub to Kanbanize Integration

Dear Kanbanizers, We are proud to announce that our GitHub integration is out of beta. Below are some details about the integration itself. Abilities: 1. Track commits as comments in a corresponding Kanban card. (only commit and push events are tracked) 2. Track GitHub project issues as cards in a Kanbanize board The integration is […]

Using the Administration Panel

We respect customer feedback, and we respect it a lot. One of our top requested features was to simplify on one hand and improve on the other, the way users are managed in Kanbanize. The Admin Panel is in the “Administration” tab which, prior to release 3.9 was referred to as “My Team”. The current user administration panel has […]

User Roles & Permissions

At this panel you manage the user roles available in the account. When you assign users to a project/board, you will be prompted to choose the role with which to assign the user(s) and this panel defines the roles available. You must always have a “default” role which cannot be deleted or renamed. Also there […]

Managing Board Assignees

The Board assignees (also know as your team members) are the key components of every Kanban success story. In order to make use of all the features that Kanbanize provides, your team members need to be assigned to your project boards. Admins of the Kanbanize account can access the Administration panel, from which they can […]