Everything you need in order to navigate the topic of Kanban and how to apply it using Kanbanize software for work breakdown.

User Management

To manage users in Kanbanize, access the User Management tab of the Administration panel.  To invite team members to the account, enter the person’s email and assign them the role they are to receive after completing registration. If they are assigned as Administrators, they will have full privileges for all projects and boards and be able to […]

Looking for a Kanban Burndown Chart Report

This could have been quite a prolonged and detailed article discussing Agile and Lean and talking about the main approaches like Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban. For the sake of being able to easily visualize the concept and be as clear as possible, I’ll narrow it down to just answering one simple question…. Are there BURNDOWN CHART REPORTS in […]

Q&A: Can I Assign Multiple Users to One Kanban Card?

Kanbanize has been blessed with the most awesome and vocal users out there! Thanks to you guys our Kanban software is getting better every day and is deservedly one of the best available on the market. With this series of blog posts we would like to share some of the most popular questions that people have asked over email and make the answers available to everyone.

Worklog per Person

We are glad to announce that as of version 3.6 we have a new report available for all customers – Worklog per Person. Kanban software that does time tracking and reporting is quite cool, isn’t it?

The report shows an aggregated view of the time logged per each of the users, for a given period of time. The report also allows you to aggregate the entries per day, to exclude weekends and to highlight entries that don’t seem right. On top of that you are also able to export all the data in Excel.

Kanbanize Hotkeys

A lot of users have asked for hotkeys in Kanbanize that help us get things done faster, simply using our keyboards. Below is a list of all the key combinations that can be used to trigger certain actions on your Kanbanize board: Alt+Shift+a – expand archive (hit again to collapse) Alt+Shift+b – expand backlog (hit […]

Links between Tasks

We typically use links when we have master tasks (features, epic stories, small projects, etc) and a lot of smaller child tasks. If all smaller tasks could be small enough, and if they could live on the same board, they would be sub-tasks, but this is not always the case. Sometimes different teams work on different tasks on different boards with different priority, deadlines, descriptions and so on, but they still need a way to synchronize on the whole. This is where you use links.