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Card is Updated Automation in Kanbanize

How can the card update runtime policy help? As another valuable contribution to the set of runtime policies meant to automate the processes taking place across boards within an account, we are introducing the “card is updated” runtime policy. As we’ve said before, there is a vital need to optimize time and, at Kanbanize, we are aiming to shave […]

Recurring Kanban Cards in Kanbanize

We get closer and closer to the complete set of automation policies that we envision in Kanbanize and the recurring card creation is one of the key ones to cover. As with the recurring updates, let’s go through the logical topics to address: How can recurring cards help? Every team out there is involved in repetitive […]

Webhooks in Kanbanize

If you have ever wanted to integrate Kanbanize with another system on the internet you should be celebrating this new feature with us. It is now simple and easy to do with the web service caller, which has been implemented as part of the runtime policies module. New: As of release 4.19, there is a new […]

Push Notifications in Kanbanize for iOS

From the very start of the development of our iOS app it has been our aim to provide Kanban software that lets you stay up to date with your team while you are on the go. With the new version of Kanbanize for iOS this is even easier than before. We are very pleased to […]

Export Data from Kanbanize

Generally, projects in Kanbanize consist of numerous boards, and tens, hundreds and in some cases even thousands of cards. Assigned users could easily seek out the information they need with the help of the advanced search, however, for external stakeholders and outside systems, we have developed a couple of handy methods to filter and export […]