Automate Subtasks with Business Rules

Creating subtasks for each larger task described in a card is а great way to break down more significant tasks in your roadmap and monitor their progress. However, the creation of subtasks and tracking of subtask status require time and attention from you and your team. You must often manually manage the consequences of their completion and the […]

NEW Link Makes Predecessor & Successor Relationships Between Cards

 What are predecessor & successor relationships between cards? Before we explain why this feature can come in handy when crafting specific relationships between the cards on your Kanban board, let’s define what we had in mind when we created the possibility of linking cards in the predecessor/successor hierarchy. This form of linking, unlike the familiar […]

NEW Runtime Policy Triggers Action based on Predefined Card Count

How can the Card Count runtime policy improve your efficiency? After introducing the WIP limit runtime policies for reached and exceeded work in progress in our last release, it was only natural that our new features include yet another automation policy geared toward making the automation experience more flexible. WIP limit policies assume that the number […]

Card is Updated Automation in Kanbanize

There is a newer version of this guide on our Knowledge Base. How can the card update runtime policy help? As another valuable contribution to the set of runtime policies meant to automate the processes taking place across boards within an account, we are introducing the “card is updated” runtime policy. As we’ve said before, there is a […]

Recurring Kanban Cards in Kanbanize

We get closer and closer to the complete set of automation policies that we envision in Kanbanize and the recurring card creation is one of the key ones to cover. As with the recurring updates, let’s go through the logical topics to address: How can recurring cards help? Every team out there is involved in repetitive […]

Webhooks in Kanbanize

If you have ever wanted to integrate Kanbanize with another system on the internet you should be celebrating this new feature with us. It is now simple and easy to do with the web service caller, which has been implemented as part of the runtime policies module. New: As of release 4.19, there is a new […]