Lean Process Improvement

Lean Process Improvement: Achieving Project Success With Process Optimization

Are you always on the lookout for new ways to manage projects effectively and strengthen your business processes? If you are among those brave leaders who are always chasing process improvement, we’re here to help!   Find out what Lean process improvement is, the benefits it brings across industries, and how to achieve it in your […]

Water Spider Definition

What Is Water Spider In Lean?

Water spider is a Lean manufacturing concept referring to a person who is responsible for keeping the workflow uninterrupted which contributes to faster market delivery. The function aims to decrease all variation to production and bring the concentration on meaningful work and productivity. The role of the water spider is to keep people’s focus on […]

Principles of Lean Software Development

What Are The 7 Principles Of Lean Software Development?

The application of Lean concepts to software development is known as lean development. Lean principles originated in manufacturing to optimize the production system and process to reduce waste and increase customer value. Lean is a methodology focused on maximizing value delivery, eliminating waste, and continuously improving processes and people. After seeing success in manufacturing, its […]

Product Manager Definition

Product Manager: Roles, Responsibilities and Best Practices

A product manager is the one who defines what a product is, how it should work and what it should do. Product managers speak the language of stakeholders and understand business goals. Furthermore, they have a solid knowledge of the market, the product’s development lifecycle, and user experience. The product manager’s job description varies from […]

lean leadership

Lean Leadership: What Is a Lean Leader and How to Become One

When talking about Lean, usually people tend to focus on the process management part. However, few realize that just adopting the most emblematic management tools such as Kanban may not necessarily bring the desired improvement without changing the way they lead. Now, we don’t plan to bore you with all the leadership fluff. Nor do […]

economic problem with queues in product development

The Economic Problem with Queues in Product Development

Reading Don Reinertsen’s book “The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development” was a truly enlightening experience, especially when it comes to understanding queues and the problems that queues cause in a regular product development process. Having almost five years of development behind Kanbanize, and many more before that, we came to […]

Acceptance Testing Definition

Acceptance Testing: Definition, Checklist, Examples

Acceptance testing is a type of testing that can be used to test the functionality and performance of a system. Acceptance testing is an important part of the development process. It helps to ensure what has been developed meets the needs of stakeholders. There are many benefits associated with acceptance testing, including ensuring that the […]

19 Lean Blogs for Beginners and Practitioners Worth Reading

Lean is an endless topic that can be discussed until the end of time. The positive impact on the way organizations work and achieve their goals made the methodology formidably successful and widespread across various industries. The Lean concept appears to be a universal management tool. We’ve sure come a long way since the dawn […]

respect for people is the ingredient of successful teams

Respect for People Is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Teams: Here Is Why

“Respect for people” is one of the two pillars of Toyota’s corporate culture and the Lean management philosophy. Yet, people think it’s just about being polite. If you ask 100 top-level managers “Do you respect your employees?”, you will probably receive a hundred answers “Of course, I treat employees with respect and dignity”. If your […]