Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: The Complete Guide with Examples

Digital transformation is a continuous journey of challenging the status quo of existing business models to deliver a greater customer experience through the use of technological advancements. As such, it requires not only the commitment of leadership, change agents, and team members it also begs for a fundamental change in the organizational culture. From simply […]

Pure vs necessary waste

Waste 101 – Pure vs. Necessary

Lean was developed for delivering products and services with unquestionable value at the right moment to the end customer. To help you with that, the methodology focuses on identifying value-adding steps in your process and minimizing waste activities. Although it sounds pretty simple, there is a question that has been bothering managers and regular team […]

Optimizing efficiency and forgetting multitasking

Optimizing Efficiency? Forget Multitasking!

The reality of modern business requires companies to be not just effective but also efficient in everything they undertake. Reaching optimal efficiency in any process is difficult, and among the main reasons for this is the habit of multitasking. Understanding why it drags down productivity and finding a way to get rid of multitasking altogether […]

Top Organizational Tools

Top 10 Organizational Tools to Optimize Productivity

An organization is a legal entity formed with the goal of executing commercial activities, whereas the term business organization is used to encompass all the efforts to streamline work, define processes, and eliminate all waste. The goal of organizing work is to facilitate value creation, better quality, increased productivity, and profitability. With the digitalization of […]

Lean Accounting

What Is Lean Accounting and How to Take Accounting to the Next Level?

Lean accounting is a term that describes the application of the Lean philosophy principles, such as a focus on delivering value to the customer and striving to waste elimination to managing financial practices and processes. The holistic approach allows companies to streamline accounting operational activities, but more importantly, to align them with the strategic goals […]