Version 5.8 – What’s New this Month?

Precise breakdown of projects using runtime policies Product update 5.8 introduces a new, practical way to break down work precisely using runtime policies. Whenever you set up a policy that triggers the creation of new cards (including parent, child and relative cards), you can copy card parameters of interest from the trigger card to the newly created […]

Version 5.7 – What’s New this Month?

SAML Single Sign-On for ease and increased security in one Single Sign-On (SSO) is a technology that allows you to maintain a centralized Identity Provider server. Аll other tools communicate with it to authenticate and authorize users as they log in to certain platforms. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is the most wide-spread SSO standard in […]

Version 5.6 – What’s New this Month?

1. Analytics in Kanbanize Just Got 10X Better Version 5.6 of Kanbanize brings a new, more powerful package of Analytics. The new additions to our analytics arsenal are the result of a collaboration with ActionableAgile. The latest selection of charts and graphs will allow you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the efficiency of […]

Version 5.5 – What’s New this Month?

1. Hallo German Internationalization Product Update 5.5 allows German-speaking users of Kanbanize to make the most of the platform in their native language. Choose your preferred language option in the Account Settings menu in the top right corner of any dashboard. Click on your username, then select “My Account”. A new dropdown field has been […]

Version 5.4 – What’s New this Month?

1. Quick Subtask Creation Along with card links, subtasks have been among some of the most significant features we use for breaking down larger work items on our Kanban boards. Product Update 5.4 makes it possible for users to create subtasks connected to closed cards on any project board. To do so, add the content […]

Version 5.3 – What’s New this Month?

1. Access saved search filters directly from any project board. With the introduction of Kanbanize 5.3, generating a Saved search in the system gets even more accessible. All of the filters you have ever saved will be available directly on your project board and always right at your fingertips. Use the dropdown list left of […]

Version 5.2 – What’s New this Month?

1. Take the reins on your team’s process efficiency Kanbanize 5.2 contributes to the Main Dashboard’s widget arsenal in yet another big way. The familiar status widget, arguably the first widget ever introduced to the Kanbanize dashboard more than a year ago, is succeeded by the brand new Process Efficiency Widget. The new formula combines […]

Version 5.1 – What’s New this Month?\ *To watch our update video in full screen, open it in YouTube. Custom Widgets Just a month after the first generation of widgets in Kanbanize made their debut, the ability to create your own customizable widgets in going live in our new update 5.1. As their name suggests, these types of widgets are created […]

Version 5.0 – What’s New this Month?

1. First generation of widgets in Kanbanize Widgets are simple, easy to use and provide you with updated information about your account in a synthesized format. In Kanbanize 5.0, the first widgets make their debut to make planning your workday and prioritizing a lot simpler. They can help visualize the tasks assigned to you directly from […]

Version 4.19 – What’s New this Month?

1. New Main Dashboards Redesigned for the Future The redesigned project dashboard in every Kanbanize account signals a new era of more opportunities for customization, relevant at-a-glance metrics for entire accounts and a sleek, intuitive design that suits your modern team. Additions include a targeted filter for boards and projects that can search for as many terms […]