Version 4.18 – What’s New this Month?

1. New links between cards create a predecessor/ successor relationship Linking our cards has become like second nature to Kanbanize users the world over! By creating relationships between our tasks, we essentially create a work breakdown that makes it easier to keep track of the hierarchy between the various tasks that need to be completed to […]

Version 4.17 – What’s New this Month?

1. Updates in Analytics allow users to exclude weekends, add advanced filters and get data by hovering over a visualization In the releases since the beginning of the year, we have focused on enhancing our Analytics module to make it as flexible, informative and user-friendly as possible.  In addition to introducing entirely new charts and […]

Version 4.16 – What’s New this Month?

 1. Flows Chart in Analytics is Cumulative Flow 2.0 Analytics in Kanbanize is one of the places for which we will always insist on developing additional features. The charts and graphics that appear there allow us to make conclusions about data collected from our own process and make more informed decisions about what to do next. Leaving […]

What’s New Version 4.15 – Monthly Product Update

1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Option Gives Security a Boost Two factor authentication is our way of providing our users with increased security in their Kanbanize accounts. The safety of the sensitive information about you business that you keep in your accounts is very important to us. That’s why we’ve added the ability to log in using […]

Version 4.14 – What’s New this Month?

1. Bring the heat with Heat Maps in Kanbanize Heat Maps in Kanbanize can become an essential part of your analytics reports as well as a great addition to your weekly presentations to take your projects’ vitals and steer it effectively. For those of you who need a refresher about what heat maps are – a heat […]

Version 4.13 – What’s New?

1. New Card Revisions Runtime Policy When you structure your projects using the Lean method, every part of your work is encouraged to undergo a progressive process of revision in order to reach the best final result possible. On the micro level, your task cards themselves will go through their own metamorphosis as you collect more […]

Version 4.12 – What’s New?

 1. Email Messages Become Task Cards Automatically with Email Integration In Release 4.12, we are focusing on our email integration feature and making it as comprehensive as possible so everyone can hook their email address to any board in Kanbanize. Upgrade your email messages by transforming them into actionable task cards on your project board automatically. You can even […]

Version 4.11 – What’s New?

1. Chat in Kanbanize Powered by Moxtra! * Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize.  In the last release, we introduced the first part of our additional functionality for the collaboration between your teams, team members, partners and clients. Now that you’ve all had a month’s […]

Version 4.10 – What’s new?

1. Video Conference Calling Powered by Moxtra! * Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize.  Moxtra is a mobile collaboration app for teams that works the way modern teams do. We think Moxtra can do wonders for effective collaboration not only between […]

Version 4.9 – What’s new?

Dear Kanbanizers, This month, we’ve really taken the Kanban principles of continuous improvement to heart and tried to relate that to our product. We believe release 4.9 manages to improve upon a lot of the features we place an emphasis on in Kanbanize. We are definitely on the path to building Custom Dashboards for our […]