Kanban 101 - Kanban Board

Kanban 101 – The Kanban Board

With Kanban 101 we are aiming to give our readers a jump-start guide to get their Kanban engine running. For this purpose we are going to use Kanbanize, so you can start implementing what you learn right away. The board is the first gradient of Kanban. Without it there are going to be just random […]

GitLab to Kanbanize Integration

This post is no longer getting updated, a current version has moved to this post on our Knowledge Base. Dear Kanbanizers, We have just released our GitLab integration. Below are some details about the integration itself. Abilities: 1. Track commits as comments in a corresponding Kanban card. (Only commit and push events are tracked.) 2. […]

Successful Organizations Run on Social Capital

Lack of communication between team members? No cooperation between different departments? Collaboration holes in the organization? Silos within the company? If you can relate to any of these problems in your office, then your organization probably suffers from lack of social capital and in order to fix the problems that come with it, you need […]

quality from the start

What’s the Difference Between Quality Control and Continuous Improvement?

Two terms you likely hear over and over again as a project manager, supervisor or team leader are “quality control” and “continuous improvement.” You can apply these broad concepts without fail to any industry, project or situation. When you apply and use them correctly, they will become second nature, simplifying and improving the way you […]

Project Portfolio Management Strategy Guide for CIOs

In today’s business world, integration is key. With local and global competition stronger than ever, and the business world changing at an increasing pace, it is necessary to implement a strategy that integrates all aspects of your business. This ensures any changes to your strategy and focus take into account each and every function under […]

Agile methodologies

Different Agile Methodologies: Find Which One Fits Best Your Needs

In the world of business, leaders must maximize efficiency, eliminate waste, even out roadblocks, and keep productions flowing in accordance with demand. Once a business venture takes flight, however, a lot of different people get involved, each with their own knowledge, talent and methods for getting things accomplished. In order to ensure flow and consistency […]

embrace kanban

It is Time to Embrace Kanban…

…if you’re ready to achieve a shorter time to market at a reduced cost. These are just two of the benefits of embracing a Kanban system – others include less missed deadlines and customer escalations and, ultimately, better product quality. Simply put, the Kanban method will enable your organization to visualize your working processes and […]