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What’s the Difference Between Quality Control and Continuous Improvement?

Two terms you likely hear over and over again as a project manager, supervisor or team leader are “quality control” and “continuous improvement.” You can apply these broad concepts without fail to any industry, project or situation. When you apply and use them correctly, they will become second nature, simplifying and improving the way you […]

Implementing BPM with Kanban

Business process management has been the standard for managing big companies for a long time now and there is probably no manager out there that hasn’t heard of it. BPM and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) are quite common terms these days and there are multi-billion businesses deploying and benefiting from the concept and the tools available on the market. This article relates BPM to Kanban and suggests an implementation of a simple but effective process management with Kanbanize.

Kanbanize your Meetings. Stop wasting time!

Recent surveys show, that one of the most inefficient areas in your organization is the regular meetings. Especially the ones on the Management Levels (CEOs, VPs, Senior Management). That time is the most expensive and valuable and adding the extra preparation effort of collecting KPIs and Metrics, deviate you even further from spending true time to […]

Mapping Kanban Flow to Brain Flow

Being a technical guy I would rather sit alone in a room do some coding. This is hardly ever the case, though. First and foremost I have too much other stuff to do before I get to dev tasks, but even if I get to that, frequent interruptions by colleagues, phone, email, whatever are just killing me. I would start focusing on a complex task and then someone would ignore my headphones and ask me a question. I would answer and will resume my attempts to concentrate. A couple of minutes would pass by and then something else would require my attention. And then another one and another one…

Lean KPIs

Ultimate Guide to Lean KPIs for Your Business

This article is part of a series that will address what kind of KPIs a SaaS company needs to track to make sure all parts of the business are doing fine. The focus of the current post is on software development or the so called RnD department of the company. The article is intended primarily for development managers, project managers, team leads or other senior staff, but anyone who’s interested may check what we have to say. Let’s get rolling without further introductions.

Kanbanize and Startup Incubators

Innovation and dedication are among the most important factors which contribute to the success of a starting business. Combined together, they are a powerful force that may turn an initial business model into a profitable company. Many of the latest innovations in the tech community have relied on Lean methodology in order to jump start […]