Work in Progress [March 2015]

This is an archived page. Since this article was first published, some features and interface elements have been changed. Please, visit our Knowledge Base for an updated version. With our last release we’ve started sharing what the current work in progress for Kanbanize is and this release is not going to be any different. Below […]

Implementing BPM with Kanban

Business process management has been the standard for managing big companies for a long time now and there is probably no manager out there that hasn’t heard of it. BPM and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) are quite common terms these days and there are multi-billion businesses deploying and benefiting from the concept and the tools available on the market. This article relates BPM to Kanban and suggests an implementation of a simple but effective process management with Kanbanize.

Kanbanize your Meetings. Stop wasting time!

Recent surveys show, that one of the most inefficient areas in your organization is the regular meetings. Especially the ones on the Management Levels (CEOs, VPs, Senior Management). That time is the most expensive and valuable and adding the extra preparation effort of collecting KPIs and Metrics, deviate you even further from spending true time to […]

Kanban 101 – The Kanban Card

This is the second post of a series dedicated to the basics of Kanban. This article is for the smallest part of the Kanban system – the Kanban card. Kanban (かんばん(看板) from Japanese literally means a signal card or signboard. In the first and original version of Kanban, implemented by Toyota in the 60s the […]

5 Posts To Get You Started with Kanban

Hi folks! One thing I really missed when getting started with Kanban was an article containing the accumulated wisdom of the Internet on this topic :). So I had to browse continuously through all of the available blog posts and separate the good from the bad which was a long and not so really enjoyable […]

Interactive Collaboration with Kanbanize

In our dynamic world, changes are inevitable. The ones who embrace them are those being step ahead from the competition. Being able to observe changes in realtime is something Kanbanize could help you with. How? WebSockets Technology  In the modern client-server applications, the Browsers have kicked out the old fat UI clients. However, there were […]