* Since this post was first published, the Moxtra collaboration feature has been deprecated and is no longer available in Kanbanize. 

How can Chat in Kanbanize help your team ?

Moxtra Chat  is the next step in building our collaboration platform in Kanbanize. Now you can start conversations  relevant to cards and discuss each specific task using notes, messages, whiteboards and through the sharing of files. Chat will change the way you work with your team members and help you get your message across (quite literally!) to the right collaborator at the right moment.

How to start a Conversation in Chat?

Check out the screenshots below about how to start a conversation or watch it happen in one go in the dedicated video above.

There are two ways to start a chat with members of your account – through the board menu by clicking the dedicated Chat icon or through the card menu of each task.


Both paths will lead to the opening of the Moxtra conversation panel on the right side of the board where you chose to start a conversation. From there, you can click the Add Users icon to invite other members of your account to chat.


If you didn’t start the conversation from the menu of a specific card on the board, you will see the message “You have no active conversations.” That means that you have not associated a particular topic (the title of any card) to the conversation. To start a conversation about a certain card, add the title of that card to the drop down conversations list by going through the menu of that particular card and selecting chat. That will automatically make the name of that card appear in the list of conversations in the panel on the right. You can do this for a number of relevant cards on a board and have several conversations about different cards going at the same time with different users from the account.


The panel itself is built in a very similar way to the video conferencing panel by Moxtra. It has some similar functions as well. For example, even in chat, you can share files with the people in that conversation, start a whiteboard, or write a note. These will be shared within the conversation in a slightly different way than messages. They will appear as individual pieces in the Pages section. This brings me to the layout of the Conversation panel itself. The panel is divided into two parts – Chat and Pages. Pages only saves the files, notes and whiteboards made during the chat so you can refer to them as documents as quickly as possible. In Chat, you have all messages exchanged between the members of the conversation as well as links to the files in pages. A very simple, practical interface  – as intuitive as chatting itself.


We’re so excited to be adding this new feature to Kanbanize this month! We hope you love it as much as we do. We really believe there is such a thing as productive “chatting” and the conversation panel really tries to optimize the benefits of chats in a professional setting. Teams unite in the name of Chat!

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