Configure System and Email Notifications

Kanbanize allows you to subscribe only for the notifications that you are interested in and by that avoid the hundreds of notification emails that eventually turn into spam.

To subscribe for the notifications that you want to get, go to Notifications and click settings.


On the settings panel you can choose between system notifications (the left column with check boxes) and email notifications (the right column with check boxes). All these are per board, so make sure to select the board that you are interested in.


Event notifications arrive into your email inbox as soon as the action happens and the system notifications look like that:



2 thoughts on “Configure System and Email Notifications

    1. Monica Georgieff

      Hi Andrew,

      thanks for the feedback! The only indication we have of whether something has been read or not read in the Kanbanize account notifications is the disappearance or appearance of the symbol over the notifications tab. Just wanted to clarify a bit – you think it would be beneficial if when you opened notifications, those which have not been clicked and evaluated individually are somehow indicated? OR You’d like to be able to see if someone else in the account has read a certain notification you might have sent their way? Let us know, we’d love to discuss it 🙂




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