How can creating linked cards automatically make your work easier?

Runtime Policies are such an essential part of our tool that we are always trying to figure out ways for them to turn an action that was once manual into something you only have to think about once. When it comes to repeat actions, we don’t want to think about them any more than we need to. We added the Create Linked Card action option to the Runtime Policies so we could cut a two-step repeat process into a single step one time set up. Now, you can automatically create cards which already have a relationship with their original, so you don’t have to manually link them later. Making children, parents and relatives has never been easier! You know what we mean…

How can you get the most out of this new action in the Kanbanize Runtime Policies?

Follow the step-by-step  graphics below to configure existing Runtime Policy options to perform the new create linked cards action.

As usual, only administrators will be able to set these actions within their policies through the Administration panel and the Runtime Policies tab. First things first, enter the view by clicking Add New Policy.


In any of the policies where the creation of new cards is involved as an action (a large number of them) you will now have the choice of creating an independent card OR creating a card with a relationship to the original. For example, the Card is Created policy.


When creating cards, the possible relationships are now expanded to individual, parent, child, relative and mirror.


After choosing the type of card to be created, select the location where it will be made. If the card to be created is a mirror of the original, you’ll only need to choose its location.


Then set its various properties if it is a parent, child, relative or individual.


As usual, confirm the new policy using the green check mark and say goodbye to manually having to link up freshly made cards!

Happy Kanbanizing!


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