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We didn’t think that it would be so soon that we would manage to surpass the magnificent 4.0 release (when the run-time policies first became available) but here we are, just a couple of weeks after that, releasing Dashboards in Kanbanize. It’s a great development effort by our heroic RnD team, who were able to build this dashboard on top of the new search and by that make it infinitely customizable. This is not just a feature, but the start of something really really big…

Whole dashboard 2

Every time you log in to your premium account you will be seeing this small but super-useful dashboard which shows you all the requested, in progress and completed work along with blocked items that need your attention.

But, as you’ve already guessed, we didn’t just limit it to “showing” stuff. We made it interactive.

If you click on the big numbers on the right, you will automatically run a search to show you all the cards with as much detail as you need.


Hmm, you want to see how many cards have been requested last week? No problem! Just choose “Last week” from the filter drop-down on the dashboard:


And now you want to see which these cards actually are? But of course… just click the small number and you’ll again run an automatic search to see the results you are interested in.

And when you think this is just too cool to be real, we have even more cool options to show you! Each board on the dashboard now has a small distribution chart to visualize how many cards there are in each of the areas on the Kanban board. This is probably the best visualization of all your work that allows you to compare different teams with just a glance.


Interaction was well-thought out during the development of this part of Kanbanize. Hovering on a certain area will show you how much work there is there and clicking on the bar itself will show you the actual cards.

Okay, that’s enough for a short one-month development cycle, but a lot more is to come. We are working on unbelievable dashboard capabilities that will come to Kanbanize just a few months from now.

Hello, us from the past. This article is now updated for new additions from the much-awaited Update 5.0 in which we introduced widgets to the dashboards. Widgets on your Dashboards look like this and can be added from the dedicated additions button for widgets, reports and new projects.

Whole dashboard

The first selection of widgets released with Version 5.0 of Kanbanize include the following options:

Widgets screenshot

Read more about widgets in the dedicated article on the blog, here.

Happy Kanbanizing with Kanbanize- The Kanban Software for Businesses

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2 thoughts on “Custom Dashboards in Kanbanize – Pure Awesomeness

  1. Shane

    Hi, Love this feature but…. it seems to be global. I need this on a project level. If I have 5 projects/usages for Kanban having a global dashboard is totally out of context. Possible to bring down to a project and maybe even board level?

  2. Dimitar Karaivanov Post author

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the comment. We are working on this and we will be releasing it in a few months. It will go hand in hand with a lot of related “sweets”, so stay tuned 🙂



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