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The customized email notifications are among our newest features and are aimed toward automating your work processes even further in a flexible way that reflects the way you work.

Custom email notifications are available as an action of the runtime policies and can be set to send a message to a specific person or people about predefined triggers or actions, such as the creation of a new card, a card update, or a newly blocked card, etc. The message content can be in any format and on any subject. For example, if a card is moved to done, the assignee may receive a message, saying “Great job!”. More sophisticated implementations might include a series of email notifications sent at different times to parse specific information over the course of a project.

To set up the custom notifications, go to the administration panel and select the Runtime Policies tab. Then, choose the policy you need and predefine the conditions for the policy to activate. To set up the custom email notification’s message, go to the right column and click “Add new action” below “Send notifications”.

One of the great things about this feature is that you can add as many recipients as you need. They may be registered internal users or email addresses belonging to relevant people outside of the system. If you keep email addresses stored in the custom fields of your cards, you can even set the custom notification email to send to the address that appears there.


Information about what the message contains can be added in the subject field. The default setup is shown in the picture below but can be changed to suit your needs:


You can include more dynamic card fields from the popup panel, located above the right side of the subject field. From there, you can select to see the assignee, priority, deadline, etc. of a card in the notification email about the result of the automation that has been triggered.

The information in the message itself can be adjusted according to your requirements.

All of the important card fields are set in the default message. By default, listed will appear the: title, description, color, assignee, priority, size, deadline, tags, external links, board, column and number of subtasks.

Adding additional fields in the message is another available option. In order to do it, you just have to click on the little black square, located in the lane above the message itself.

plus menu custom mail.2

There is a wide variety of details that can be included like: type name, links, attachments, etc. Your custom fields are listed in the menu as well and are on your disposal for the message.

Fields in custom message

You can write down a text to accompany the card details and remove any of them, if required.

mail message1

Happy Kanbanizing!

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