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Your newly redesigned Main Dashboards will never be the same now that the long-awaited widgets are finally here. We are excited to present the first generation, by popular user demand, of custom widgets designed to make your day as productive as possible from the moment you begin working on your tasks.

Widgets are an application, or a component of an interface, enabling users to perform a function or access specific information easily. In Kanbanize, the option of adding various widgets to the Main Dashboard of your account allows you to get to the important information in the system, which concerns you and your team, immediately upon entry. They are an excellent starting point to guide you to the relevant areas of your account that might need your attention (i.e blocked or overdue cards).

Kanbanize 5.0 gives you the option to enable the first generation of dashboard widgets, which include:

The Assigned to me widget will show you all cards (located in the Requested and In Progress columns) of which you are currently the assignee the very moment you enter your account. This will shorten the time you require to catch up to the tasks for which you are responsible. 

Blocked cards assigned to me is designed to show you all the cards with issues that need to be resolved before being able to move forward towards completion. Target these in order to avoid bottlenecks.

The Overdue cards widget shows all the cards with passed deadlines, which are not in the columns Done or in the Archive. This widget is useful for both admins and users because it gives an overview of the cards on the boards (to which the user has access) which were not completed on time.

Overdue cards assigned to me is a widget that aims to focus the perspective for the account holder. It can help you zero in precisely on the details of the cards with passed deadlines for which you are responsible.

The information in the widgets is refreshed automatically once a day, but you can do it manually at any time with the refresh button, located in the upper right corner of the selected widget.

Add widgets to your dashboard from the “+” icon.

You can add widgets by clicking on the round button, located at the bottom right corner of your main dashboard.

widgets finale

A popup menu will appear.  To see the available widgets, you must select “ADD WIDGETS”.

kanbanize dashboard widget

How to Customize Your Widgets

Each widget has its own drop-down menu, which gives you the opportunity to change the criteria for the information the widget showcases. 

Settings – Using settings, you can filter which card details the widget will present.

Export – Allows you to export the information from the widget in a xls. file format table.

Rename – You can change the name of your widgets at any time in order to reflect your process.

Switch to half view – Allows you to constrict the desired widget to half of its original size to clear space for more widgets.

Remove – Whenever you feel that you do not need a given widget any more, just click on the remove button in the drop-down menu. You can always add it again if you need it.

widget options cropped

Our Vision for Dashboard Widgets

These are the first, but certainly not the last, dashboard widgets in Kanbanize. In the upcoming releases, we will introduce new ones, aiming to make your Kanban experience even better. Last month, we asked you to share with us the widget options you would be most likely to benefit from and we will make sure to fulfill as many of your requests as we can. You gave us a lot of feedback and plenty of ideas for new additions to the Main Dashboard. In the near future, all of our releases will include new widget options and we would be delighted to hear your ideas, thoughts and suggestions about this part of the Kanbanize interface and functionality.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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