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How can graphics in search help your process ?

The graphics you can generate from your specific searches using the Configure Results button and selecting the criteria you want to map is one of the steps we are taking towards the introduction of the custom dashboards you have heard us discussing in our previous communication. We are very excited about this feature because it manages to map essential information located in the numeric regular or custom fields of your cards on an account level.

How do search graphics in Kanbanize work ?

The new graphics integrated into the search feature in Kanbanize is the perfect addition to the process through which you track down the information you need on an account, project or board level. Configure your results the way you would usually go about it, define any criteria from your regular and custom fields, click search then select the bar graph icon on the top right corner of your window. This will generate a dynamic bar graph you can tweak by choosing which data to appear in which axes. You can use the toggle bar below the graph to focus on certain parts of the graph and visualize the relevant information. Hovering over each mapped bar will show you the stat for both x and y axes to make reading the graphic as easy as possible. No more scanning the axes to find your place!

How to use the search filter to define the axes of the graphs you want to see?

To configure the search graphics, go to the familiar search bar at the top of your account in Kanbanize. Click on the magnifying glass to open the Advanced Search window:


Choose Configure Results:


When the Configure Results window appears, you must select which fields from regular and custom fields throughout the entire account you want to be able to define in the Advanced Search. You will then use the selected fields to define the criteria of your Search:


After focusing on the Advanced Search static window on the left hand side to define which cards will get mapped click the Search button to generate results. In the case below, I have defined all cards made in the last month on the Marketing board and were assigned to Monica because I want to see their cycle time or logged time mapped, for example.


The Advanced Search will initially show all of the cards which fall under this description in a list , like so:


To see them graphed, click on the bar graph icon located on the top right of the page:



This will reveal the graphics based on this criteria:



The toggle bar allows you to zoom in to specific sections of the graph:



Hovering on each bar will give you the information from both axes. This particular graph has mapped the cycle time of each card made in the last month on the Marketing board for which the defined Assignee was responsible:


Defining your axes is made easy by the menu located on the right of the graph itself.


Don’t forget that you can return to the same graph with this criteria later by saving the parameters of the search from the Save button below the Advanced Search Settings:


And if you want to export your data in an Excel file to share with others, it’s just a click away.


Now you have the full freedom to generate graphics from numerical data in your regular and custom fields to explore on an internal level with your team or share with others outside of your project. The most popular uses of the y-axis are to show log time and cycle time while the x-axis can show these stats for each Task Id, each Assignee or card Colour. Those are just some ideas but the possibilities are endless – happy exploring!

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