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You will not hear us stop talking about the runtime policies in Kanbanize and that’s just because they are the most elegant way to automate tasks in a Kanban board or software. You want things to move automatically from point A to point B or you want to be notified when a card makes it to state X? No issues at all!

With the 4.3 release we introduced a new policy – the “Task is Moved” policy. What it basically does is to listen for move events in your account, evaluate if a card is being moved to a specific place and if yes, perform a custom action that you have specified. For example:

If a card is moved to board Customers, column Waiting on us, change the color of the card to green.

If a card is moved to board Bugs, column Waiting on dev, change the assignee to DeveloperX.

If a card is moved to board Development column In Progress or board Testing In Progress, set its assignee to the person who moved it and notify this external email:

… and many many more. Here is how you set it all up:




If you are new to the concept of run-time policies with Kanban, make sure to read our blog articles below:

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The run-time policies module is something that we will be investing a lot in the future and we would like to get your feedback on it. Feel free to drop us comments in the comment section below or just send an email to the well-known email addresses.


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