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Using the import tool is officially the fastest way to set up your Kanban board in just a few minutes. Nobody has the time to enter data manually, so here’s how you can populate your projects in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee:

1. First, select the import/export option located in the grid menu of your board in Kanbanize.

drop down menu

2. When the import panel pops up, click the browse button to select the xls or xlsx file for importing:

Import Facility in Kanbanize

Import Facility in Kanbanize

3. When the file is uploaded, the system will validate it for compatibility and will display the validation status. If a column is colored in red, it means that the system does not recognize this property and will ignore it during the card import procedure. The only mandatory field is “Title”, while all others are optional.

Import export

4. If you want to edit some of the columns, change the file and repeat steps 1-3. If everything is correct, just click Import and go grab a snack until you get the final confirmation email that the import has finished.

5. Show this to all your friends, it’s pretty cool watching the cards pop up on the board one by one!

*Since Version 5.0 of Kanbanize, you can even import the comments related to cards as well as to import a new card as a child card of another already existing one in the system.

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