In our dynamic world, changes are inevitable. The ones who embrace them are those being step ahead from the competition. Being able to observe changes in realtime is something Kanbanize could help you with. How?

WebSockets Technology 
In the modern client-server applications, the Browsers have kicked out the old fat UI clients. However, there were still some limitations, especially on the communication level preventing  browsers to obtain smooth live updates from the server end. The WebSocket technology makes it possible now to have more interaction between the browser and the web server, facilitating live content update.
The result is that your kanban boards will come to live. Tasks are created, moved and updated in front of your eyes in a real time. Any change someone does around the globe will immediately be reflected to your open browser. This happens even in the background, while you are working on another task.


Big Screens
With the responsive user interface and the realtime update, you could display your boards on a big screen with a totally different experience now. What you need to do is just open a browser on your big screen and expand in full size. Adjust the zoom of your browser to view the whole board or the section you are interested in. Additionally you could, collapse swim lanes and columns you don’t need. To get more precise content you could adjust the display setting of the cards to show only the viral information for you. The responsive user interface will take care for the rest. The display will be optimized according to you settings and you will have your workflow shown in the most convenient way. Try it out!

Happy Kanbanitoring!

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