One key metric for your Kanban workflow is obviously the cycle time. With our Process Control chart you could easily visualize your tasks cycle time and detect abnormalities on the fly. Now the interesting part is what to do with those measurements and how they could help you control and improve your process.


Step 1: Representing your cycle time data as Histogram.
At your Process Control chart select the “Show as Histogram” check box, then your filtered data by the specific columns and lanes and within the selected time range will be displayed as bars. Each bar refers to a measurement of how many tasks have cycle times within a fixed time period. The aggregation period could be selected further more to be in days, weeks, months or years.

Step 2: Analyzing the graphic.
The histograms are often used for predictability and planing purposes. It’s very easy to spot the peak of your chart (the highest bars), which are the ones containing the most cards with similar cycle times. Presumably if you now push a new task into your process, there is a high probability of your new task cycle time to end up in that particular range of bars.
If your workflow is smooth and running in a good predictable manner, you should have a shape of a bell with its peak where the most likely cycle time is.
If you however have some deviations, you would be able to easily spot them. Usually those are on the left or right side of your bell curve. Simple click on that “deviation” bar will show you all the cards involved and you could then go further and investigate why that happened.

Work, measure, analyze, improve and again, work, measure, analyze, improve … strive for perfection. That’s Kanbanize!


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2 thoughts on “Kanban Analytics part VI – 2: Cycle Time Histogram

    1. Nicky Todorov

      Hi Dan.

      This is because the histogram is currently in beta stage and is only available with the community version of Kanbanize. We will introduce this chart to the premium members as well with the next release of Kanbanize. We are sorry that you have to wait a bit longer but that is done, so we can ensure the best quality of our product.

      Nicky | Kanbanize


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