Kanban for Support Teams

One of the first applications of the Kanban method in the IT industry was with support teams. The reason is clear – such teams need to be extremely flexible due to the unpredictable arrival of work, they need to be able to quickly determine priorities and they must strictly track how much time each item takes to complete.

The Kanban method has been tried out in the support domain with amazing results and a lot of teams nowadays consider it as the de facto standards to address change requests or defects. Below is a sample implementation of a Kanban project for support teams that you can implement yourself or enhance as required.

Support Kanban Board Structure

Support Board rework

The most updated version of the Custom Support Scenario using Kanban can be found in the dedicated article in our Resources section.

Click for the most updated article on how to do Customer Support with Kanbanize at this link. 

2 thoughts on “Kanban for Support Teams

  1. rajani Manoj

    I belong to a production support team and need to know how can i use Kanban for my team and what are the costs/additional setups that would be required by me/my organisation to make this up and running.


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