Advancing from Kanban Maturity level 1 to 4 with Kanbanize

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) is the new big thing in the Kanban world.

It maps all 6 core practices of the Kanban method to 7 levels of organizational maturity. The KMM responds to the need for help to cope with resistance to change. Furthermore, it helps to properly introduce the practices needed to make an entire organization resilient, robust, and ultimately antifragile.

Developed by David J. Anderson and Teodora Bozheva, it is an invaluable educational material to Kanban coaches and practitioners alike. We’ve already covered in depth all levels of Kanban maturity, but still, for those stumbling upon the KMM for the first time, it is important to point out that the model covers over 130 sub-practices related to:

  • Visualizing work
  • Limiting work in progress
  • Managing flow
  • Making policies explicit
  • Establishing feedback loops
  • Achieving continuous improvement

As Kanbanize is one of the tools that support mature Kanban implementation particularly well, we were invited by our friends from Xuviate to participate in a live webinar on the topic for their exclusive community of IT leaders and change agents.

Grateful for this opportunity, we did our best to demonstrate how to advance from maturity level 1 through levels 2 and 3, finally reaching a risk hedged Kanban implementation at maturity level 4 in a software development context.

Because we always want to share valuable knowledge with our readers, we asked Xuviate to share the recording of our session, to which they graciously agreed. We hope you enjoy it:

This video is part of the eXpander series, hosted on the eXuviate network where IT Managers, Heads of IT and CIOs of mid-sized businesses help each other win. Request to join their exclusive community for more educational sessions on a wide range of IT-related topics.

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