Kanbanize and NorthBay Healthcare

At Kanbanize we have a special attitude towards clients in the area of education, healthcare, social activities, charities or anyone who improves our lives and cares for the environment.  The least we could do to help those organizations is to provide them with Kanban Software that could easy scale their operations and help them track day to day activities.

NorthBay Healthcare – “Compassionate Care – Advanced Medicine – Close to Home”

NorthBay Healthcare leads the way in providing advanced medicine to the people of Solano county. Their compassion, their commitment to excellence, and the depth and breadth of their services, is a testament to their enduring commitment to the local community. They strive to ensure that local residents remain near home for most of the health care services they’ll need in their lifetimes. (http://www.northbay.org)

NorthBay Healthcare and Kanbanize


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