Greetings to you all that are in a constant search for innovations.

To achieve success through innovation does not only mean to create something new, unique, unseen and so on. Lately, we all witness more and more innovations through integrations, emerged in the right time to solve particular needs.

You have a problem, then you come up with an idea how to solve it. Grasp your idea and go out there to the market looking for the tools, parts and bits to build it. This is how Jacopo Romei approached his challenge and came up with such a great solution. Take a look at this short video showing how they use Kanban software (Kanbanize) across multiple geographically distributed teams and at the same time have a lot of fun:

To get more details on how he was able to achieve that, read his full article:
Virtual & physical: the best of two worlds for our kanban board.

Way to go Jacopo! We are looking forward to your next cool solutions!

We at Kanbanize admire the enthusiasm and dedication towards innovation and success. We believe our Software could help exactly companies like Onebip to experience true collaboration across multiple locations while gaining the efficiency of applying the Kanban method.


This is just one of the endless possible applications of Kanbanize digital Kanban Board. We have clients with 65″ touchscreens, interactive whiteboards, large projectors with geo mouses and much more.

With one of our latest releases, we had introduced web sockets that brought real-time experience to your boards. Apply that on your big screen and your workflow transforms into vivid images. You will see changes immediately and focus on your pain points.

Big Screen

Go BIG, go Kanbanize!

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