The marketing team is, more often than not, at the core of the company dynamic. When this group of people gets together, they develop user experience and boost the growth they are responsible for delivering. When they are not acting on their ideas, they are brainstorming new strategies and tactics for accelerating existing processes and, in a sense, “hacking” their product ecosystems.

In the equivalent of the magic show, these are the people with the most tricks up their sleeves. The constant innovators.

The Case with Marketing Superheroes

This group of people generates a large amount of ideas at a very high pace, the scope of their work reaches all other areas of the seemingly segmented company and, it can be argued, they are just as much in need of a system to unify their efforts as any development team.

Marketers – meet Kanbanize. The solution to your creative chaos. Kanban is one of the best candidates to visualize and reorganize your marketing team’s tasks in an intuitive and efficient way.


The Kanban method has proven to be very useful in the fields of IT maintenance, software production, and manufacturing. It works similar miracles for the productivity of teams in others. The need to deploy and act on one’s requested tasks is universal. The online Kanban board is capable of creating efficiency in processes not just in the engineering and production teams of a company but also the design, marketing and publicity masterminds on the other end of the production spectrum.

In the web-based Kanbanize, marketers have everything they need to carry out their projects from A to Z without dealing with the hassle of lost post-it notes, miscommunications, time lag and all of the challenges that inevitably come with handling many tasks at once without a proper system to visualize and keep track of them all.

Greatest Perks

  • Visualize all work happening in real time
  • TO DO, DOING, DONE intuitive system of organizing
  • Web-based system ACCESSIBLE ANYWHERE
  • Separate projects for separate teams5.2-main-article-02-pewidgets
  • Add LIMITS TO PREVENT OVERLOAD (This way the project won’t suffer if someone has too much on their plate. The ball is always rolling…)
  • TRACK COMMUNICATION in comments (no more I thought he said but she said…who has time for that?)
  • Use it with your entire team – you can have as many users as you need on an account, so you can include all the members of your team, no matter how big it may be.
  • MEASURE PROCESS EFFICIENCY using data collected while you work on your Kanban board with your team.

The Top Time-savers in Kanbanize

Attchment Preview

  • BUSINESS RULES to automate processes (ex. Any Admin can make “if this then that” policies so you don’t spend time focusing on process, just execution)
  • RECURRING CARDS (ex. Michelle needs to remember to post a blog every week at this time and a task request for it will appear)
  • Send, preview and download all sorts of attachments (no lost e-mail attachments ever!)
  • EASY-TO-USE BUT POWERFUL enough to handle your most complex projects
  • ANALYTICS to help you track your cumulative flow
  • LINK YOUR SOCIAL ACCOUNTS to your e-mail and make an e-mail integration that makes a card in requested any time you get a notification from your social channels

The Kanban process will contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of your team. If you’re interested, check out our blog post about Lean KPIs for SaaS marketers.

Happy Kanbanizing!

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