Hello friends and Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year for Kanbanize! We were able to accomplish our number one goal – keep our users satisfied. In addition we also achieved rapid growth, gained more power by expanding our team and fulfilled our New Year’s resolutions.

Speaking of that, one of them was to get our users a mobile application for iOS. Well, there it is: Kanbanize for iOS


We wanted this application to be able to perform all of the most used actions while keeping it clean, simple and easy to use.
So what’s in?

Kanbanize for iOS allows you to take the visual aspect that the web platform gives you and transfer it to your mobile devices. You will be able to stay synced with your team while you are on the move.

As of this first release, here’s what you can do with the app:

  • browse all of your projects and boards
  • look up task details
  • create, move and delete tasks
  • modify tasks (edit title, description, assignee, column, swimlane, priority, color, deadline and type)
  • create and complete subtasks
  • comment on tasks
  • Reminders directly integrated with the operating system.


We will be adding more to this functionality with our future releases.

You can download Kanbanize for iOS from the Apple App Store. Happy kanbanizing!


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Bisser Ivanov

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4 thoughts on “Kanbanize for iOS

    1. Dimitar Karaivanov

      Hello Diego,

      The application is primarily meant to work on iPhone. We would recommend using the web version on iPad as the screen is big enough.

      We are thinking of porting the app to iPad but this has not been started yet.

  1. Simon

    How to work on different company boards (boards that I’m already authorized to work on and that I see on web version)?
    It seems it’s not possible to select any company trough this app…

    1. Milen

      Hello Simon,

      Currently the app doesn’t support multiple companies. However, we put this feature high on our list and you will see it in one of our future updates.


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